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Secret Spotify!

I had a fun idea last night and, if it works, all my 2D commissions will now come with a secret spotify scanbar painted or stamped on the back. I usually throw on some music or a podcast whenever I'm working on something (or the occasional TV show for background noise), and I have recently started saving my spotify history from my painting sessions. I plan to use the play history to create personalized playlists for each individual piece so people can see exactly what I was listening to when I made a given project. My plan is to share them via a unique spotify scanbar copied to the back of the canvas. If it works, when you flip the canvas over, you can scan it and have instant access to your commission's "soundtrack". Knowing me, the genres will be all over the place, but I do seem to stay in similar musical "veins" depending on the mood of a piece and colors I'm using, which should be interesting. I think it will work- if you can tattoo a playlist on your arm, then surely you can hide it on the back of a canvas. I'll just have to be very precise when adding the scanbar and hope my hands don't shake too much.

I have several Valentine's Day commissions that will be my first batch to experiment on, so we'll see how it goes. Stay tuned for tunes, and (perhaps) some very odd embedded podcast episodes!


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