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A Peek at my Studio/Workspace

Hi all!

One of my favorite doom-scrolling activities is seeing other artists' studio areas, so while I'm sitting here, preparing to work on commissions, I thought I would do a quick walk through of my painting space. One of the most difficult things about being an artist is finding time, the second is having the space to work on projects, which can get very messy. Many of us are renting, which not only means negotiating small spaces, but also being conscious about potential spots/cleanup after creating art. My solution to this problem was to buy a rug specifically to paint over so that I don't damage the flooring of my apartment, and it also makes for a very cozy painting area. My two lovely assistants clearly agree. They're always super helpful whenever I'm working on a project.

My space is admittedly a bit chaotic, but I personally am okay with a little clutter, as long as it's organized and controlled to an extent so that I can still find everything I need quickly. Typically if I'm painting, I want to make sure I have everything within arm's-reach, so my brushes, painting rags, painting mediums, and rinse water are what I keep closest. I also like to have snacks and a beverage nearby as I often forget to eat or drink once I get into the zone. Having a glass with a lid is also crutial because my brushes always end up in my cup otherwise. I found the cutest glass for this and it's perfect for iced coffee and girlie cocktails, especially on paint nights:

And of course, the final ingredient for a productive evening is a playlist. I love my bright colors and never had an emo phase, but I feel like I probably would have if I'd gone to a public highschool (which, like this playlist, would probably been extremely cringey). I like a little angst now and then, and music or podcasts always help keep the vibe flowing whenever I'm painting.

I am also very proud of my paint storage system as I'm lazy and it saves space and keeps me from digging through boxes for colors. I used a cart from Michael's and clip on curtain hangers, which are about $12 off Amazon to create my paint caddy. It can also be rolled easily so I can have it handy when necessary. Aside from that, my workspace is pretty basic.

You don't need to spend a lot to have a dedicated art area, you just have to be a little strategic to create an area that feels comfortable and right for you. And of course having cute cats and supportive friends always helps, and I'm very lucky to have both.

P.S. Mavka and Nona would like to wish everyone a happy and safe Thanksgiving. Also, as promised, a commissions sign-up sheet is now available for anyone interested in commissions. Please bear in mind that I do require deposits on any commissioned work and I take projects in the order that they are received. Details are included on the sign-up sheet. Thanks for all the love and support!


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