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PSA/Open Slots

Hi all,

After giving it some thought, in the future I may be writing about subject matters that may be triggering to some and uncomfortable to read. This will likely a little closer to Christmas/the holidays, but I don't have a definite date yet, I just know it's important and I'm ready to write about it.

To ensure nobody underage is reading content that may not be appropriate, I will also be monetizing any posts with this kind of content with a small pay wall. If you're too young for a card, then it's not for you. Also, if it's just not your cup of tea, it will be easier to identify which posts to avoid that way.

In addition, I am hoping to have more time to work on art in the next few months and I now have 2 commission slots open before January. Please contact me for pricing estimates if interested.

Thanks for all the support!


UPDATE: Commissions now closed through February. I will post an update as soon as more spots are available. Thank you for all for supporting my work!

Please note all commissions require a 25% deposit before any work begins and prices do not include shipping.


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