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Lopez's Gallery

A friend at work told me he was bored a few months ago, so I gave him one of my small sketchbooks and a prompt. We've kept it going for several months now, and they're a lot of fun, so I decided to make him a digital gallery too.


  1. A bat eating an ice cream sandwich

  2. A dragon

  3. Your favorite food as a person

  4. Something you do not want to see at night

  5. A fairy with a lightsaber

  6. A biker gnome

  7. A battle-ready hedgehog

  8. Narwhals, jousting

  9. Drunk, evil birdies hatching a scheme

  10. Scary trees drinking tea

  11. A demon having a spa day

  12. A ninja snail

  13. A flamingo having a crisis


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