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Flower Goblin

Every month, I buy my cat roses. It's a ritual that started sometime before I adopted Nona Bella, and I've probably spent about a hundred dollars on flowers since then. While it's silly, I don't feel it's a waste because I enjoy them and it's cute to see my butterscotch kitty's reaction, which always makes me laugh. She gets so excited when she sees them that she makes a cute, distinct little honking sound that almost reminds me of a goose. I am definitely turning into a crazy cat lady, but I feel like it's less pitiful than buying them for myself. She also knows the word "flowers" now, which is interesting.

I don't quite remember how this strange bi-monthly ritual started, but I think it was raining on the first day I brought a bouquet home. I normally love rain, but it was getting to me that day, and everything seemed so sad and grey. I remember getting milk from the store and suddenly walking past the bright, sweet smelling flowers and grabbing a multi-colored bouquet on a whim. Now, I'm very glad I did and it's one of the small highlights I look forward to every month.

I've always loved roses. Some part of me hates that I like them so much, because they're generic, but they're probably my favorite flowers, trumped only by columbines. I think it's mostly for the smell, but I like how frilly and feminine they are too, plus they're featured in all my favorite fairytales and are safe for human and animal consumption. This is good, because according to my fur-goblin, they're delicious. Admittedly I do like them in jelly, but Mavka thinks they make a fine salad. It's silly, but something that always makes me giggle.

Sometimes you just have to appreciate the little things, even if they're a bit odd. Money spent on genuine, wholesome happiness is never wasted, because joy keeps the darkness away, and in this case, it also makes for very cute photos. Miley was right: sometimes you just gotta buy yourself (and/or your furbaby) flowers.


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