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What is a changeling?

A changeling is what happens when you lose someone you love and someone else is put in their place. It's a trade no one asks for and it can be terrifying. But what happens when the person you gain is better than the one that you lost? Sometimes the only way you find out who the monster is is by being free of them, and the unexpected person placed in their stead becomes the greatest treasure you could ever ask for.

Historically, changelings are considered unlovable and monsterous simply because of their origin, but I'm grateful for a family that embraces strangeness and loves all the odd, wounded, and wild creatures that come to them and finds beauty in mending broken things. Afterall, we can't help where we come from and all that most of us need is to know that we're loved by someone, and most of us return it tenfold, especially animals and children. Maybe that's why there have always been so many of both at my family's house over the years. It's a safe place where everyone is wanted and welcome, no matter where they come from.

I miss my mother, and even as I lay here, lonely and surrounded by Kleenex and Gatorade, I can't help but feel warm inside knowing there's a magic fairy bower with a swing for someone special in her garden. I'm happy for them both, just very sorry for me. I just wish I wasn't so sick.

I can't wait to go home.


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