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What We See in a Mirror Dimly

This is a drawing that I'm abandoning because I don't know how to finish it, but not just because of areas that look wonky (although this definitely does annoy me). I just don't know how to. I had a couple different ideas bouncing around my head when I started it.

First, God doesn't just fix stuff. He makes all things new. Like a master painter, He created you to be something beautiful and unique. Life is messy though. Because we live in a broken world, we all have flaws and are covered with the grime of sin. It's like God made a beautiful painting (you) but then something (sin) came and defaced it somehow. The intended image is still there, it's just covered and hard to see sometimes. Often, it's easier to focus on all the dirt and graffiti that covers us, rather than remembering there still is a specific image that God designed. No matter what we do, we can't remove it ourselves. Sometimes it's little scuffs, and sometimes it's major things that seem to swallow everything and make us forget who we are. When that happens, it can be hard to believe we could truly beautiful, treasured, or loved. We identify as the grime rather than the painting underneath. Almost like we're beyond recovery and probably tolerated by God and other people at best. And then we run away and we stop praying, because we're afraid.

Sin is ugly, but it was not God's intention. He wanted us to be free to make our own choices, and sin is the abuse of that free will. He knew it would happen, and He allowed the Fall to occur because he didn't want robots or Sims, but rather unique individuals who could make their own decisions, even if they're bad ones. God hates sin, not sinners. We all have breaking points and we all mess up, sometimes in ways we may feel can never be fixed. Even in the beginning, however, God had a plan to rescue and restore us through the blood of Jesus. Through His blood, all the dirt and graffiti is washed away and we are once again what God originally intended: holy and perfect. The the removal of sin doesn't take away who we are, but rather makes us more ourselves than ever.

The second idea came from Dostoevsky's quote "to love someone means to see them as God intended them".

As long as we're in this life, sin will be a constant companion, which is why a Christian's life is one of constant forgiveness and repentance. Martin Luther described it as having to carry a dead body on your back. Even if you try your best, you will still mess up and hurt people, and vice versa. When that happens, don't ignore it or try to hide it, but rather choose to correct it and face it head on. Remember no one is perfect and that forgiveness is always there when you stumble. When you look at yourself or someone you love, always try and see what God sees through the blood of Jesus. Focus on that original, intended image, and hang on to it in spite of all the the brokenness and dirt there may be.

The idea for this drawing was going to be someone looking through the cross and seeing someone or something in all its restored glory. I was going to draw a reflection on the lens with a hint at what the viewer sees, but I just don't know what to do with it. It's something I can't quite picture or imagine, and beyond my skill and comprehension. For that reason, I'm leaving it open-ended.

Point is, Jesus loves you and He will make things right again. When people really, truly love you, they will choose see you through Him, even if you mess up. You are God's precious child and you don't have to be perfect to be loved, because Jesus was perfect for you. You are forgiven and more than enough. ❤

You can reject that grace and mercy if you want and do your own thing. Satan will do all he can to get you to do just that. Ignore him, focus on Jesus, and embrace the masterpiece you were meant to be.


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