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Comic storyboarding has never been one of my strong suits. I took an illustration class in college in which we had to do that, and I think it only ever made one comic in my life. A lot of thought and design has to go into it and I have a huge amount of respect for people who are able to do that, because it takes a tremendous amount of work and forethought.

I've been reading a lot of Webtoons lately and I thought I would include my favorite ones here, both for art styles and content. Here are my current top 15 favorite reads, in no particular order:

  1. Eaternal Nocturnal by instantmiso

  2. Sub-zero by Junepurrr is visually stunning, and has an interesting storyline. Definitely good brain candy if you like dragons, drama, and romance. I've been reading this one for a few years now with a friend who is very happy that all her ships are sailing.

  3. Lore Olympus by Rachel Smythe. Won multiple awards for obvious reasons. I find Persephone increasingly relatable and the art style is really unique. Seeing the pantheon in modern environments is also a cool spin

  4. Elf and Warrior by AC Stuart Do you play D&D? Have a soft spot for puns, dad jokes, bad jokes, and just overall goofy humor? This is perfect for you then.

  5. Space Boy by Stephen McCranie This comic is full of light. Great art in a futuristic landscape, wonderful, complex characters and an irresistible storyline, this series feels like nourishment. Kind of like chicken soup for a sad heart.

  6. Purple Hyacinth by Sophism and Epheymerys. Very unique art style, plots within plots, and well developed characters

  7. Down to Earth by Pookie Senpai (ugh that felt weird as I eas typing it lol). Great art and characters, touches on a lot of interesting issues such as narcissistic abuse, relationship trauma, and just being human in general

  8. My Dear Cold-blooded King by lifelight is one I wasn't sure about at first, but was really cool because you could actually see the creator's art improve throughout the series and it's amazing now

  9. True Beauty by Yaongi. This is just a K-drama i have been reading for 5 years. Highly recommend

  10. The Wrath & the Dawn is based of the book by Renee Aldieh, which was based off the story of Scheherazade, from the eastern fairytales 1001 Nights. Illustrated by SylvesterVitale, this series is gorgeous

  11. Lady Knight by Lion Illustration. I read this mostly for the art, but the storyline is good too.

  12. Cursed Princess Club by LambCat. A friend made me read this one. It's hard to explain. Just read it, it's wonderful.

  13. Unholy Blood by Lina Im and Jeonghyeon Kim. This one is actually really sweet but it will make you cry. If you like vampires, check this one out.

  14. Winter Moon by Merryweather. I don't like a single person in this comic, but I enjoy all of them. Definitely worth reading for any MMORPG players.

  15. Omniscient Reader by singNsong. Basically Sword Art Online meets The Purge and The Hunger Games. Nothing fluffy in this series

If you get a chance, go check them out and show the creators some support!


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