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Musical Musings/Playlist

I have always described music with colors. I don't think it's all that unusual of a comparison, but I do remember feeling I had found a uniquely kindred spirit in Kantor Hoffman, who I used to take voice lessons from in early highschool. He agreed, and used to tell me that in heaven, he wondered if we'd be able to hear into the color spectrum. I don't remember the rational, but I like to think he's right.

As much as I enjoy visual art, I would say I am still more of an auditory person. Still it's impossible for me not to relate music to colors, textures, and other distinctly visual elements. Like all artistic endeavors, musical preference is highly personal and subjective, and I think that's why I get so excited when I share something I like (especially if it's something a little more "niché ") and a friend not only enjoys it, but gets the same vibe from it. It's the same feeling ypu get when pointing out a specific image in the clouds and your friend can see it too. It's validating, but also like sharing some secret sort of magic, or like having sparklers light up inside your soul.

For example, I sent one of my all time favorite songs, 'Hearing' to my friend Sami and he sent me the following text in response:

I don't know if anyone else will feel similarly, but it made me happy, and I decidedto share links to some of my favorite songs, current listens, and recent recommendations from friends that I have enjoyed:

  1. Aforementioned song, Hearing (I recommend headphones)

  2. Cover by same artist as above: Rainbow Connection

  3. Sleepsong, Secret Garden

  4. Hot Tea (recommended by Justin, has been stuck in my head for a solid 3 months)

  5. Young and Beautiful, Lana del Rey

  6. Вина, Три дня дождя

  7. This song, by Mothica

  8. Bad Habits (the good version)

  9. Alive, Krewella (introduced to me by Kathy, in highschool)

  10. Borderline, Tove Lo (stuck in my head from work)

  11. Something just like this, Chainsmokers (by the way, I swear this song ripped off their music, and I'm still mad about it. Is it just me?)

  12. 1985 (from Skyler)

  13. Ghost, Tom Macdonald (actually met a friend of his with pics to prove it. Wild huh?)

  14. Another Girl by The Killers (I love everything they do, just had this stuck in my head a lot)

  15. Where is my Mind, piano version

  16. A little bit happy, TALK

  17. Carry On Wayward Son, KANSAS

  18. F* Everyone but you, Cheat Codes (from bestie 1)

  19. Hey Brother Avicii (from bestie 2)

  20. Worlds Apart, cover by Daughtry

  21. Maybe You're the Problem, Ava Max

  22. This song, by Explosions in the Sky

  23. Cult of Dionysus (fun, but weird)

  24. Walking in the Air, Celtic Woman

  25. Once Upon a December, from 'Anastasia'

It's kind of an odd mix and all over the place, but I hope there's something new and fun someone will enjoy. If you have any suggestions for me, drop a comment or send me a message- I'm always happy to discover more music.


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