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I have the BEST brother in the world.

Christmas is a very difficult time of year for my family and I, especially following what happened to me at the end of 2021. Nevertheless, we still celebrate St. Nicholas day on the sixth, and usually send presents to each other, which is a lot of fun. This weekend, I received a package from my brother, and it's probably the coolest gift anyone's ever given me: a signed (!!!) copy of Christopher Paolini's latest book, chocolate, and a fully functional, hand-made (and very sharp!) replica of a 14th century dagger. I don't know that I need a large, razor-sharp knife but I do appreciate functional decore and it was a wonderful surprise.

I can't remember how long it's been since I read the Inheritance trilogy, but I know I enjoyed them, and it was part of what inspired me to pursue creative writing. The books seem to get a lot of negative criticism, and while some of it is valid, I truly think a lot of the people who enjoy bashing them are mostly jealous that Paolini, a 15 year old, was able to become an international bestselling author at such a young age. No one likes seeing someone younger outdo them, especially on that level. I just remember that they were magical. It will be interesting to re-read the series as an adult.

I might write a review of my own, depending on how I feel about the book(s), 20 years later, but I'll have to restart the entire series. I am very excited to see how Paolini's writing has changed since he wrote Eragon. I'm glad to see that someone I looked up to as a young child is still active. And 2ho knows, maybe it will inspire me again too.


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