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Artist Shoutout

Snail artwork by the lovely Erin "Annie" Jensik

I recently framed this wonderful watercolor that I received from one of my dear and incredibly talented friends, Erin Jensik, and have been trying to decide where to put it in my apartment. While trying to figure out the perfect spot for it (and trying not to hit my fingers with the hammer lol), it occurred to me that most of the artwork I have hanging in my home has been made by my friends, all of whom are amazing, artsy people, so I thought I'd give them a shoutout and link their information here.

In addition to being a talented watercolorist and fashion designer, Erin is also a wonderful photographer and runs a page on Instagram called Strata.Photography with her partner, Michael which is well worth following. I especially enjoy their strong, balanced compositions and focus on capturing unique textures. Their page has a warm, retro feel overall and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys photography, visual balance, and/or cozy minimalism.

If you prefer graphic design and traditional media, check out my friend Allie's work at The Library of Alexandria on Facebook or click here to find her website. Allie is one of my friends from the art program at UW, and she also has a strong background in zoology. She's done a ton of amazing work for the University of Wyoming's Biodiversity Center and is one of the artists collaborating with me on our Stickers for Survivors project. When she's not making amazing animal sketches and figure drawings, Allie can be found volunteering on local ranches, making jewelry, and running a a very successful meme group.

If you're looking for something whimsical for your home, another fun place to look is Daydream Paint by Sarah on Facebook and Etsy. Sarah dabbles in a lot of different things, but focuses mainly on resin projects and sculpted paintings. I have three of her spooky tree pictures in my living room and they're quite fun- even though I feel like they're always watching me.

Last but not least, I'd like to give a shout out to Maevyn Paige, who is an imaginative writer, digital illustrator, and painter. Her work can be found on Instagram and at various other platforms online. In addition to writing and painting, she runs a book review podcast and also has a Patreon where she offers exclusive perks for members. Maevyn is also part of a collaboration for charity and is currently working on several original fantasy-themed coloring books, which are a lot of fun (sneak peaks and samples are available to her Patrons). If you like art or are a bibliophile, be sure to check her out!


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