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137 Manesia Lane

I need to clean my apartment but I'm just laying here

going nooooooooonononono. I want to make something pretty but I can't because it's messy 😅

Hmmm I’d love to hang out on the phone with you. We could have encouraged each other to get our things done. I have to reorganize the library I moved it again. But I also didn’t work yesterday so I am at work for another hour and 15.

The moving library could be an interesting story concept. Like the stairs at Hogwarts.

Lol 😂 There’s a podcast called The Midnight Library that is basically that concept

Ooooh I think I've heard that maybe

It’s fun very mild spooky

Imagine a house with a clawfoot tub that wanders off sometimes

LMFAO 😂 Alligator foot tub

Now I’m honestly just picturing an alligator tub with no face but the feet and tail. The tub is the body and face. And it slithers around the house - occasionally sneaking out to the pond that hasn’t been cleaned or inhabited in years so it’s just gunk.

I kind of love that

Same !

What else would this strange house have?? Perhaps a clock that was always 6 hours and 42 seconds off. And a sentient rug that was afraid of heights. Not a flying carpet, but one that just sort of slithered places. Maybe it likes sunbeams but it's afraid of the cat

“A flying carpet!!”

“Ha! No my dear, that’s a ✨hovering rug✨ flying carpets are so expensive. Takes me to bed sometimes when I’m tipsy. Come along”

The saferide of the staircase lol

Yes lmfao


What about a naughty coat rack. Whenever visitors use it the thing disappears! With their coats, hats and bags of course

Yesssss!! Maybe it hoards things somewhere. Stuffs them in the vents or something hehe

What else might the house have ?

Hmmm well definitely a coffee pot or kettle that has anxiety. Like one that compulsively brews at all hours when it gets nervous

Haha 😂 love it

“Who put the kettle on? Why this hour?”

“Oh it does that. Sometimes it gets nervous from the news or what have you. I try not to listen to the radio in the kitchen. Just go back to sleep- or ask for a cup I suppose.”

Affection curtains that shut themselves so they can touch each other

Do they react a certain way when pulled apart?

Perhaps they sorta inch closer throughout the afternoon. Then they eventually close and if you leave them like that too long, the curtain ties end up tangled together.

That’s cute

What about lights that follow you around the house. Like dancing fire 🔥 And it stops when you blow it out. But they are 100% electrical lights haha

Oooooooh yesssss! And a heater that always adjusts itself just so without you having to ask. And one rebellious painting that always is slightly crooked. Just to be ornery. And if you adjust the frame, the painting itself will look crooked to compensate

And on one occasion, when uncle Theo tried to nail it to its place- the entire painting flipped itself upside down- just to spite him.

Wild dust bunnies that fight the cats ?

Yes!!! But harmless ones that turn into dirty poofs with a well-timed swipe

Yes! Haha

What would the yard be like?

I was thinking talking gnomes but then I thought no because of Gnomeo and Juliet. But my mom had a set of ceramic animals


A frog, bunny, cat and a dog I think. I remember the bunny and frog but I know there were four. So like maybe ceramic animals that talk but can’t move? And the lawn is green- almost too green

I like that

If someone litters or walks on it it turns yellow - very dramatic. And the ceramic animals gossip like animals 😂 And when the leaves fall in autumn it shivers like cats do when you mess their fur up a little

Yessssss haha. And of course there has to be a nice porch with windchimes and a swing or a rocking chair. Perhaps both. Or maybe one or the other, depending on what mood it's in on that particular morning

Both! Chairs magically appear to seat any and all guests

Wouldn't it be fun if on special days it even produced a hammock?


Oh one of those woven/macrame hammocks

And a directionally confused weather vane on the roof

What would it be? Aren’t most chickens?

Maybe a goose.

A silly goose. Or an ostrich.

Yes! A silly goose lmfao. A silly goose that constantly changes position and pose but is still 100% goose. Just different hats lmfao. A bucket hat when it rains

The HATS!!

I feel like Uncle Theo would have a little red garden shed, but the dimensions would change whenever you went inside. Sometimes it has the lawnmower and garden tools. Other times it holds the boat he apparently started building.

Whatever you need is right inside the door so whenever you’re told to go get something the directions are always “just inside the door”


I’m imagining him in one bent over looking around his feet for something he lost. A sunny day he wears a sun hat and his pose looks like one out of a catalogue. Rainy days- umbrellas and bucket hats. Windy days he’s pushing against the wind or on his back

It's got to have birdhouses or something. Maybe a toad house. The yard I mean.

What if it’s a house that changes it’s position and shape based on the animals that visit? It’s like on a tree like a bird house might be but it moves all the time. This year there’s a field mouse. Next year there’s a toad.

Imagine if one morning there's a deer in the house.

I was just thinking that

"One morning we woke up and we thought someone had moved onto the property, the door was big and red - took up most the trunk- but inside was a mama deer and her foal."

Wouldn't it be lovely if it was on a rainy day in the spring? The door would look so bright and pretty against the gloomy grey

I agree that would be cute

Does Aunt Gertrude have a sewing tin?

She should.

Like an old buttercookie tin but sometimes it actually has cookies in it. NOT when you're expecting it. But when you need it.

And Sometimes it has the worst things. Like tadpoles. Or plain rocks. Not cool rocks. Just plain rocks.


I feel like she would also be into knitting

Maybe she has an enchanted yarn holder?

She would knit the most wonderful hats. But sometimes the knitting needles would get carried away. Or sweaters.

It got so cold once in January they told us they woke up to a fully outfitted house. Socks and sweaters scarves and shawls all over.

Even the anxious kettle would be wearing a tea cozy. Like a straight jacket. With a tiny hat on top.

The tiny hat on top was the weather vanes hat.


And aunt Gertrude and a uncle Theo aren’t magical. They’re just ordinary people who have an odd house and they don’t mind so much. Was weird at first but it’s not so bad.

Exactly. And there are absolutely no ghosts. Just "odd quirks", as one expects in an old house.

Yes! The opposite of Monster House 😅♥️ Just wholesome whimsical homey slices of life haha

What should the address be?

Hmm I don’t know

What is your favorite number?

Mine is 7


137?                                                                         137 then

What kind of street ?

Brick, because those are magical. Or maybe an old dirt road with a cobblestone drive

I like that last part. So would it be a lane then?

137 - lane?

Yes a lane. Hmmm what's a good name for a lane?Favorite plant or rock?

Pumpkin lmfao


Pumpkin ridge? Pumpkin? Pumpkinvine?

Do you have a favorite rock?

Hmmm I like all rocks

Lol! Well is pumpkin lane doesn’t feel right (I’m not set on it) Melody Lane?

Melody feels too cliché

That’s fair




Memory lane ? 😅😂


What's the opposite of memory?


Yes but is there a noun that means a forgotten thing? Like a memory is a thing. But what is that thing when it isnt?


137 Manesia Lane.


What’s a manesia?

Amnesia with dyslexia.


Could’ve answered that “I dunno what is amnesia?”

A thought that is not.


I think we're onto something good here.


I’m getting asked to leave work lmfao for laughing too loudly

Tell them to go slip on a sentient rug.


Do people avoid the house or come visit on occasion?

They would want to visit I think. But always forget the address. On the way of course. Unless the house was in the mood to receive guests. If it wasn't, everyone would just sort of forget. But the house is good with people it knows. Or cute salesmen with nice vacuums. It's a neat house afterall. Very difficult to find after 8pm though- unless it's a friday or there are carolers

'Gerty! Thank goodness I caught out and about! I wanted to stop by but I forgot the way to your house. Can I have your address again?"


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