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April Awareness: Tell Your Story

I received this in a message earlier and am sharing this with the author's permission:

I'm posting this as a reminder that telling your story does matter. Many of us know how frustrating the system is, but whenever you share your story, even if you don't get the justice you deserve or it takes years to come, you will find others like you who know and understand exactly what you've been through. You aren't alone, and sometimes knowing that is all it takes to knit a broken soul together again. Speaking out against abuse may also give someone else the courage they need to get help as well, or to realize that things in a current situation may be unsafe.

I had the pleasure of meeting an author not long ago who told me something that has stuck in the back of my mind ever since: "secrets are silent killers". It's terrifying and takes a lot of courage to report, especially given that most perpetrators are known and close to their victims, but it's the only way we're ever going to turn the tide and stop SA/DV for good. I have found that among most of the people I know, the ones who reported also seemed to have healed best, even though it's hell fighting. If that isn't the right path for you, be sure to talk to someone, whether it's a friend, counselor, or even a hotline. Do NOT keep it a secret: abusers want nothing more than to keep you isolated and quiet, and it will fester like a poison if you never treat it. Find someone safe to talk to and don't wait to get help. About one third of us will know and understand perfectly.

Stay strong, and know that what your abuser(s) did does not define you, it only defines them. You are beautiful, worthy, and loved so much more than you can possibly imagine. We all reap what we sow, and it will come back to them. You didn't deserve it, and nothing takes it away completely, but you don't have to carry the weight of the burden all alone.

Tell your story, and remember that no matter how dark it gets, you're never, ever alone. 💙


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